About Us

Green Energy 360 is a company dedicated to the process of energy transformation by using solar energy. Our focus is on the research, development, production and marketing of solar powered products.

Along with the growing attention on renewable energy sources worldwide, the interest in solar systems as a legitimate solution has increased dramatically.

Being able to harness the sun's abundant energy to power a home or office building is a huge environmental plus and fantastic use of one of our natural energy sources that we have at our unlimited daily disposal. Harnessing renewable energy is one of the most important topics of our generation. We are dedicated to aiding the transition to solar power via the installation of solar systems for businesses.

Our team of experts and engineers are focused on providing the most technologically advanced and highest quality solar system solutions for distribution, power supply, and the management of electricity. We also supply charging systems for electric cars. Cooperation with innovative and reliable business partners allows us continuous growth and business success. In addition to the distribution of quality components from the world's best manufacturers, if requested, we provide comprehensive services in this field.



GREEN ENERGY 360 strives to be a company that makes a meaningful contribution to the application of state-of-the-art technological solutions in the following areas:

Design, delivery, assembly of Photovoltaic (solar) systems and/or their components.



GREEN ENERGY 360 strives to be an organized, flexible, efficient and profitable company which ensures the satisfaction of users and employees.

As a result of this, we expect to continue our development by using modern technology, procuring new resources and knowledge, and continuing to keep high quality employees.



We strive to become and remain leaders in the creation, design and implementation of the highest quality renewable energy solutions and to continue to add value and grow our company.