Cables & Connections

Green Energy 360 provides all types of cables for solar structures, as well as reliable Stäubli connectors.

Did you know that problems with cables and connectors can be a huge risk to the functionality of a solar system? If not remedied on time, problems caused by malfunctioning cables and connectors can have major financial and safety consequences.

The role of cables and connectors is extremely important; they ensure the safe and stable transfer of generated energy from the panel to the inverter, and to all electrical devices. In the case of a malfunction or the use of low-quality components, not only can there be a decrease in profitability and energy flow, but the system becomes exposed to various safety risks - e.g. fire hazard!

MC4 Connector ( Multi-Contact, 4 millimeter) - Minimum risk, minimum loss of energy

When it comes to pitched roofs there are endless variations. With such a large variety of roof shapes and slopes, installing a solar panel system can be challenging. However, due to the wide range and dynamic modular structure of our mounting systems, we are able to install solar panels on almost any roof pitch. Metal roof brackets for solar panels are widely used and most suitable for covering different types of roofs, making the installation safe and secure.

All of our pitched roof structures are highly durable, easy to install and have impressive load capacities. The systems are fully compliant with international standards for rain, wind and snow loads, making them suitable for a wide range of climates.

MULTILAM - Unlimited reliability

The unique Stäubli MULTILAM contact technology has unmatched electrical and mechanical properties. MULTILAM are specially designed elastic contact elements. With torsion spring pressure, MULTILAM lamellae ensure continuous contact with the contact surface, resulting in constant minimal transition resistance. Thanks to this advanced technology, our connectors keep your photovoltaic installation running efficiently and safely. These seemingly small components can have a huge impact. Outstanding reliability and consistently low contact resistance guarantee.



of the world's cumulative solar PV capacity, is transmitted via Stäubli's safe and long-lasting connectors.

The success of any solar PV system comes down to reliable, efficient and long-term performance. Stäubli is a Swiss company with decades of experience in the production of high-quality electrical connectors, connector systems and solutions for industrial application.

Stäubli photovoltaic connectors provide guaranteed operation throughout their lifetime (more than 25 years). With minimized risk and maximized return, our components have a long-term positive impact on leveling electricity costs and have a major influence on cost effectiveness of photovoltaic projects.