Our team provides structural certificates for a wide range of structural systems.

Our partner K2 Systems supplies the highest quality construction systems. With a host of sophisticated innovations and an in-depth focus on product development, K2 Systems is the engineering leader for all assembly system needs. With proven solutions, superior product quality and innovative design, they lead the market with more than 20 GW installed in over 130 countries around the world.

Constructions for Pitched Roofs

When it comes to pitched roofs there are endless variations. With such a large variety of roof shapes and slopes, installing a solar panel system can be challenging. However, due to the wide range and dynamic modular structure of our mounting systems, we are able to install solar panels on almost any roof pitch. Metal roof brackets for solar panels are widely used and most suitable for covering different types of roofs, making the installation safe and secure.

All of our pitched roof structures are highly durable, easy to install and have impressive load capacities. The systems are fully compliant with international standards for rain, wind and snow loads, making them suitable for a wide range of climates.

Installations for flat roofs

We have the experience and products for any flat roof solar installation.

Our ballasted roof mounts can be applied to different types of flat roofs, providing a robust and reliable system that is easy to install. With the main components made of hot-dip galvanized steel, structural strength, stability and anti-corrosive properties are guaranteed.

Our solar installations for flat roofs can be mounted flat or can be adjusted to a slope with no damage to the roof. The patented design of our mounts guarantees quick installation and savings in construction costs.

The advantage of roof solar panels


considerably lower installation cost


No extra space is taken up (ground or garden)


out of reach of intruders


require less mounts and are quick to install


the good use of otherwise unused space


The panels protect the roof from damage


no additional certificate of approval are needed for mounting

Structures for ground mounting

In addition to different types of roof installations, solar panels can be installed on various other surfaces. For example, ground-mounted solar panels can be an excellent option for large plots of land exposed to direct sunlight (not covered by shadow from buildings or trees).

With our ground mounted structures, the solar panels are placed at the ideal angle and orientation for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Ground-mounted panels also operate at a lower temperature than roof-mounted ones, resulting in better energy efficiency due to the faster transference of solar energy from the panels to the electrical system.

Advantages of ground mounted solar panels


easier installation and maintenance


can be installed at the ideal angle for optimum functionality


stronger mount support


No roof damage


installation not limited to the height of an established roof structure


increased efficiency per panel


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